Meet millions of new queer womxn from around the world via one-on-one voice calls.

Real Conversation

Your first call will be limited to seven minutes as we want you to be more focused, sensitive, and genuine.

If you'd like to know more about the person after the call, become friends with them.

Need someone to talk to? Want to meet a new queer womxn? Don't want to be judged by appearance?

Here is the easiest, fastest way to meet new people.

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‎mytype : Lesbian Voice Dating

What We Do

We create real connection

On traditional dating apps, only one out of 500 swipes turns into an exchange of actual phone numbers. Not surprisingly, most of them do not lead to real conversation.

That's why we built our app to meet queer womxn needs; to create real connections instead of quick hook-ups. We hope our app could inspire queer women to be themselves.


If you have any feedback or new ideas, please let us know! I’m happy to answer all questions you may have! [email protected]

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